What do you do if your employer is paying you to do something you don’t want to do?

This is the question being raised in the case of a new government contractor who is making a deal with the federal government to make some of the most sensitive documents available to Canadians online.

The documents include classified information and documents related to Canada’s involvement in the Iraq War.

It has been revealed by a former military intelligence officer that the contractor, SecureWorks, was paid $10,000 per document to make the materials public on a website.

The contractor, whose name is being withheld because of concerns about breaching security, is a former RCMP officer who is working on the contract.

He says his contract with the government of Canada is valid and he is working to make sure the documents are properly secured and kept secret.

His company, Secureworks, is being paid by the federal and provincial governments to make a series of documents public on the government’s website.

He has already had to pay a penalty to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) after he failed to notify them about the breach.

A former RCMP member said his company has a contract with Defence that is valid, and he wants to make that contract public as well.

This contract is the same one that the government was paying to SecureWorks and that was the contract that was breached.

We have no obligation to make public anything that has not been disclosed.

“The federal government has an obligation to be open and transparent and that’s the reason why they paid for the contractor to make this information public,” he said.

The documents that were leaked are classified. “

It’s just the type of information that is potentially of interest to other countries.”

The documents that were leaked are classified.

They include details about the Iraq war, which was fought from 2003 to 2007.

They also contain information about Canada’s role in the bombing of Iraq in 2003, the detention of Canadian citizens and the deaths of more than 1,500 civilians.

The information has to do with sensitive and sensitive documents and sensitive defence matters.

They were released to the public on July 12, according to a government statement.

The files include documents on the Iraq invasion, the investigation into the bombing and the investigation of the deaths.

They detail the actions of Defence Intelligence Branch, which is charged with protecting Canada’s national security.

Defence Intelligence is charged by law with protecting national security from foreign attacks and threats to national security by identifying and intercepting foreign and domestic threats.

“All of these documents are classified,” said the former RCMP colonel, who asked to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the information.

The files were first made public on SecureWorks’ website on June 24. “

This is not going to have a negative impact on Canadians.”

The files were first made public on SecureWorks’ website on June 24.

But on July 14, the federal Department of National Defence said it had received information that the documents had been removed from the website.

But the department didn’t say why, and no one from the federal department was available for comment on the matter.

The government’s press secretary, Jason MacDonald, said he didn’t know how the files had been made public or why the government decided to remove them.

“I have no idea what happened with them,” he told CBC News.

“So the public doesn’t know that the information was released.

It’s a bit of a grey area.”

The government said in a news release that it was removing the documents because they contained classified information that was not properly classified.

“Public interest is served when the government provides an accurate, fair and timely disclosure of this sensitive information to Canadians, and to the media and the public,” MacDonald said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Canadian Heritage said the department was aware of the breach and is working with SecureWorks to make changes to the way it conducts business.

“In the event that information is disclosed or made available in a way that may damage Canada’s security, we will consider it in advance of making the necessary changes to ensure that such disclosure is fair, reasonable and appropriate,” the spokeswoman, Jennifer Smith, said in an email.

“As we’ve said before, this government is committed to ensuring the integrity of the government and public’s access to public information.

The Department of Finance and the Public Works Department have both been contacted for comment. “

For the foreseeable future, this contract will be in the public domain,” she said.

The Department of Finance and the Public Works Department have both been contacted for comment.

A spokesman for the federal departments of defence and national defence said the government has been made aware of this matter and is reviewing the matter to determine the appropriate response.

“A final decision on the issue will be made when it becomes clear to the department that this matter has been resolved, and when the department receives the information,” said David Kappel, a spokesman for Defence Minister Rob Nicholson

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