The Construction Industry Union says the construction sector needs more people, with workers being under-utilised and facing long hours.

The union said it has published the details of two new jobs openings on its website.

Construction industry union says Australia’s construction sector need more workers, with jobs being underutilised And the union said construction workers were under-used.

Construction workers are under-sourced, under-trained and under-paid, according to the Construction Industry Unions Association (CIIA).

The CIIA said a shortage of workers was being driven by a number of factors, including the ageing of the population and a drop in labour force participation, with only 8 per cent of construction sector workers aged between 20 and 24 years old participating in the labour force in 2012.

“These are not workers with strong skills and skills and we want them to be engaged and trained,” CIIAA President Mike Thrasher said.

“So we need more people in the construction industry to take on those roles.”

The CIOA said it had also received a job posting from the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Foods that would see workers from the construction and mining industries.

Mr Thrashe said that the Department’s job posting did not include the construction workforce, and did not give an estimate of the total workforce.

“The Department of Labor’s new ‘Build Australia’ initiative does not include construction workers, and does not specify what construction workers they will be looking for,” he said.

Mr Tymoc said the Government was working with the CIOAA to help find more construction workers.

“There are so many construction workers out there and they are all desperately trying to get a job,” he told 7.30.

“We know there are some really high skilled jobs out there, and they’ve got to be supported to get those jobs, and we’re trying to make sure they get those positions.”‘

We need more construction people’Construction industry union president Mike Thraher.

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