The new plant will be Turner Construction Industries’ biggest in the US, with about 6,000 construction jobs.

But the company is building the facility to supply a range of other industries including the construction industry, which Turner describes as a “global leader in building large-scale, highly productive, environmentally-friendly, economically competitive construction projects”.

It’s a move that has surprised some analysts and the Trump administration, which has called for a ban on all new construction in the country.

But it is a move in the right direction for Turner, which is also expanding its presence in China.

It’s also important for US consumers, who will be able to get a glimpse of the plant through a new TV channel.

But there are still some questions about how much construction is actually going to be done at the new factory.

The company says the new plant is expected to produce 2,400 construction jobs in the next 12 months.

Turner’s CEO, Scott Haggerty, told CNBC that the plant’s construction has been “very rapid”.

But a new report by the International Labor Organization says that the number of construction jobs that are being created in the United States has been on a steady decline over the past few years.

Construction is the main driver of the US economy, and it has been one of the biggest employers of American workers for the past several years.

Haggery said in a statement that construction jobs are up in the construction sector, and “there is little doubt that the Trump Administration’s focus on infrastructure and economic development will drive more construction”.

Turner will build a large factory on a 1.5-million-square-foot site in Ohio.

It will employ about 7,000 people, and will start construction in 2021.

But that factory is not going to do much of anything for the rest of the country, and is unlikely to create many jobs in other sectors.

But Haggerly said the factory will “set a new standard for building for the construction trades”.

Turner’s new factory will employ 1,000 workers and is set to produce $4.5bn in annual sales for the company.

Turner also has plans to open two factories in the UK.

It said it is now “committed to building an international factory to export our products to the UK and Ireland”, as well as to build “an American facility for our customers”.

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