By KIM JACOBSONThe latest research has found that construction workers in China are more prone to injury than their male counterparts, as the gender imbalance in the construction industry is evident in the number of injuries reported.

The research is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Women make up only a third of the workforce in construction and the gender gap is most apparent in the numbers of injuries.

In the US, women make up about 30% of construction workers and men make up 70%.

The study also found that there are two types of injury reported by construction workers.

First, there are injuries that are not as severe as a broken bone or broken neck, such as a minor sprained ankle, said Dr Joanna Jankovic, the lead author of the study.

Second, there is injury that is not severe enough to require hospitalisation, such the dislocated shoulder, broken jaw, broken nose, head injuries, and broken ribs.

The researchers also found more than two-thirds of the injury incidents occurred in areas with high construction density, where women make more than 40% of the population.

The study’s findings were published on Friday in the journal Construction Engineering.

The construction industry in China has become a global focus as the country’s economic boom and rapid growth in recent years have attracted foreign investment and new jobs.

Chinese construction companies have made strides to address the gender inequality that has long been seen in construction.

In 2011, China’s construction industry recorded a $1.2 billion deficit, but in 2015 the figure had increased to $1 trillion.

The economy grew at 5.5% in 2015 and the country has recorded a record annual GDP growth of 10.3% for the year.

Construction has also been an area of economic growth in the US and Europe, particularly in the past few years.

The US construction industry was the fourth largest in the world in 2015, with more than $11 trillion in revenue, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But in the UK, the construction sector is still struggling to meet a high demand for labour.

The latest study found that while construction is one of the fastest-growing sectors in China, it was not an especially healthy sector, with the rate of workplace injuries exceeding those for other industries.

The report also found a significant gender disparity in the injuries that were reported.

Women account for just 10% of all construction workers, the researchers found.

It is a statistic that highlights the gender balance in the industry.

Dr Jankosz said it was a particularly concerning statistic as there is evidence that women tend to be at risk for injury.

“It’s clear that there is a gender imbalance and the women are at risk, so the male workers are the ones who are at high risk,” she said.

The study also identified a significant disparity in injuries reported by women and men. “

There’s an expectation that the male construction workers are better than the female ones.”

The study also identified a significant disparity in injuries reported by women and men.

The female-to-male ratio of construction injury cases in China is about 15 to 1, while the male-to, female ratio is less than 3.1.

The researchers believe that the gender ratio may be skewed due to the fact that construction is predominantly a male-dominated industry.

According to the study, the gender difference in injuries is also present in construction workers with a higher risk of injury, such women and older women.

Dr Joansovic said the gender disparity was most apparent for construction workers over 40.

The study found a clear gender difference when it came to the severity of injury injuries.

Men were more likely than women to report that they had a broken wrist or knee, and a broken shoulder, while women were more prone than men to report broken bones or neck injuries.

“This means that men are more at risk of injuries and injury severity,” Dr Janksosz told The Local.

“Women are at a greater risk of workplace injury and are more susceptible to injuries than men.

In fact, women are more than twice as likely to report injury severity than men.”

Dr Jankocsz said that the increased number of construction injuries in China may reflect the increasing numbers of construction worker in the country, which has a high number of young people.

“There is a lot of construction activity in China,” she explained.

“So the younger workers are more vulnerable.”

The increase in the prevalence of construction work has been one of a number of factors that have contributed to an increase in construction injuries,” she added.

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