Construction workers in Nova Scotia are getting paid more than double the amount of what workers in other parts of Canada are paid for similar jobs.article In a letter to Nova Scotia’s legislature Tuesday, the union representing construction workers in the province accused the government of failing to adequately monitor its own construction sector.

“It’s been proven that the construction sector in Nova Scotias economy is one of the most vulnerable in Canada and that this has caused the Nova Scotia Government to over-pay construction workers and under-pay contractors,” said union president Doug MacLean in the letter.

“The Nova Scotia government’s response is to continue to pay a fraction of what the industry in Nova Sotas is being paid and continue to give preferential treatment to construction workers.”

MacLean, a retired electrical engineer who worked on the construction of the Commonwealth Games in London, said his union is calling on the province to investigate what the province was doing to keep workers in line.

“What I have heard is the Nova Scotia Government is still paying the construction industry the same as they are paying construction contractors in the provinces,” he said.

“We’re asking for a full and open investigation of what is happening.”

Construction contractors, like other trades, are paid on a sliding scale depending on the type of work they do, with higher-paying jobs being seen as easier to find and more secure.

The Nova Scotia Labour Relations Board said Tuesday it had not received any complaints about the province’s construction industry and would look into the issue.

The board also said it is reviewing the provincial construction program to determine how to improve the pay and benefits.

Construction workers are also exempt from the province of Nova Scotia labour laws, which mean they can work in Nova’s capital city of Halifax without the need for a licence.

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