The construction industry is booming in Seattle.

Construction companies have been hiring as many as 6,000 workers per month, and many of them are young.

But it’s not just the construction workers that are getting young.

The construction trades are also hiring young workers with skills that are crucial to the industry’s future.

And they’re starting out at a good time.

What are the key skills you need to start your career as a construction worker?

I think one of the key things is to have a solid understanding of how construction works, the construction process, the technology, the people.

If you’re really good at construction, you can go in as a contractor or as a designer or even as a mechanic.

But you’re also in the construction industry, you’re a professional, you’ve been in the industry, and you have an understanding of the process.

When you get into a job where you’re doing the job, it’s hard to get a feel for what you’re working on, so you need a strong understanding of what you want to do.

So what are the most common types of projects?

You need a foundation to build.

That’s really hard.

I’ve never built anything before.

The hardest thing is getting a foundation.

So you need something solid that you can build.

Then you need the materials.

You need to have the right materials to do the job.

That starts with a foundation, but it also starts with the tools.

It starts with what you need for the job and what you can get away with in terms of how you do the work.

And the tools you use are very important.

For example, you want tools that will be reliable.

So what are they?

There’s a good list of them on the internet, but if you can find a good supplier for the right tools, it’ll save you a lot of money.

You also need to be very organized.

That is really important.

You want to have all of the different pieces together in the right order.

Are there any jobs that you want that you’re going to be a part of, but you’re not ready for yet?

Well, if I have to say one, it would be an engineer.

It’s a lot more challenging than a mechanic or a mechanic’s helper.

I mean, that is a very specific job.

It requires the ability to be able to work with people in different disciplines.

You have to be flexible.

You’re not going to build everything for every job that comes your way.

It depends on what the project requires and what the client wants.

It also depends on the people involved, and that is something you can’t take for granted.

You can’t just do your job.

You don’t know what the people are going to say.

You’ll have to think about it.

You’ve got to have some flexibility and a good understanding of why the job is important.

How do you choose the right project?

It’s important to get that first job, because if you don’t get that job, then you’re kind of stuck, you might not get the next job, and then you won’t be a contractor, and everything’s going to fall apart.

So I would say it’s best to go for something like a mechanic, a mechanic helper, a designer, or a construction tradesman.

That way you’re still learning the trade and you’re always learning new things.

You might get a lot out of that.

Do you have a favorite job?

I love the construction trades, and I love working with my dad.

He’s really good about the job that he does, and he loves it so much.

So, I’ve been fortunate.

Is there anything else you want people to know about your work?

I want people who are curious and interested to learn more about the industry and the industry in general.

If they don’t, then they don’st understand the craft.

You just have to learn.

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