“I would say it would be a big step forward for the industry and for the people who are doing it,” he said.

“I think it would make a big difference.”

The helmet would be used to protect construction workers and workers at other construction sites from inhaling the toxic gas that is commonly used to build homes.

It would also help prevent other potentially harmful gases like methane and nitrous oxide from escaping from the ground.

The helmet was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency that oversees federal projects across the country, and the National Park Service.

The project also would help ensure the safety of workers at construction sites, according to the Park Service and the Army Corps.

The Army Corps, which manages the Corps’ site-specific disaster relief efforts, said in a statement on Wednesday that the project will provide $6.5 million in federal funding for the construction of a new site-based air quality monitoring system that will include a pilot project to provide data to emergency responders about airborne pollution and the impacts it can have on people’s health and the environment.

The pilot project will focus on monitoring air quality at construction projects, and would also be used for monitoring and reporting on ground-level ozone, nitrous oxides and particulates.

The EPA estimates that there are about 100,000 construction jobs across the United States that require masks or other protective equipment, according a recent report by the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of workers.

A recent survey by the advocacy group found that about 15,000 workers have reported using masks for work-related activities in the past two years, and that about 2,400 workers had tested positive for asthma-related symptoms.

A number of health experts have called on the federal government to include masks as part of the federal disaster response plans.

But the federal agency, which has the power to require masks, has not required them for this project.

The new site will help make sure that workers and those at the construction site have safe access to the mask.

A worker would need to be onsite when construction starts and be able to see and hear construction equipment before they are allowed inside.

The helmet would also allow workers to wear it as they work and during inspections, said Paul Grewal, the project’s lead engineer and a professor at the University of Colorado.

It would be the first time that an entire federal agency has used a project as a vehicle to help build a protective system for workers.

It also would be an important step in developing a national model that will make the safety benefits of masks and masks-required safety equipment widely available.

It also would create a test site for the project and help set the groundwork for its next phases, Grewel said.

A key aspect of the project is the use of the park system for monitoring air and ground-based ozone, Grawal said.

It will be important for the park service to see if it can use the new data to help better design a system to monitor the quality of air for construction sites and other areas.

The site-wide monitoring system will be used at more than 30 sites across the U

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