The term construction rental, as in a construction facility, is a term used by some developers to describe rental apartments that house construction work.

However, this term is commonly applied to the same thing as a construction building site.

In fact, it’s used to describe a construction site that is being used as a rental site.

For instance, a construction company may rent a building site from a developer for a few months or even years and then sell the building site to the public for an estimated price.

For many, this is an ideal arrangement for an apartment.

However for many developers and landlords, construction sites that are being used to build housing for the homeless are more problematic.

These sites are often in poor condition, with graffiti on them and sometimes with graffiti left by the homeless.

They also can be expensive to clean up and upkeep.

So while the word “development” might be a helpful way to describe these sites, it is also used in a way that is dehumanizing.

The word “rent” is also often used in this way, and while the use of the word can be understood as a euphemism for housing, it also implies that the developers have no interest in helping the homeless find permanent housing.

The term is used to refer to sites that do not provide adequate shelter or other services for the people living there.

For example, a building with a “development dumpster” could be used as an “underground shelter” or “underfunded housing” or it could even be used to house people living in a car.

But it is important to note that this term has come to be associated with the construction of a private, for-profit facility.

The “development lease” is a lease that is typically a long-term agreement for a company to use the property for construction, with no obligation to pay rent to the tenants.

A “development rental” is an arrangement that has an agreed-upon monthly rent for the entire term.

A development rental site is often in a bad state and can be a place where people need shelter but are homeless or in need of urgent medical care.

A new building on a construction property can be used for this purpose.

It is important for developers and builders to realize that these sites can be very dangerous places and that it is their responsibility to make sure they are in a good condition.

It’s also important to know that people living at these sites are not homeless, nor are they in need.

They are simply people that are seeking housing, and there is nothing to be gained by trying to change their circumstances.

A number of local governments have passed laws banning construction sites from being used for homeless shelters.

However these laws are not perfect and there are still many construction sites around the country that are not suitable for homeless residents.

Many of these sites also have graffiti on the walls and can pose a threat to the safety of homeless people.

Some of these graffiti sites also do not have any signage or other visible signs that clearly describe the conditions of the site.

As an alternative, some states are creating “construction parking” programs.

These are programs where people can park their vehicles and then rent their vehicles for the duration of the rental period.

There are no restrictions on the type of vehicles that can be rented, and it’s up to the owner to decide how to use that vehicle.

But this program can also be a very dangerous option for homeless people who may not want to rent a vehicle that has a history of vandalism or other incidents.

These programs are not only ineffective, but also very expensive.

Some people have been killed at these parking facilities, and a number of homeless residents have died there as a result.

These types of sites have been cited by the United Nations as a contributing factor to the death of more than 30 homeless people in South Africa over the past decade.

The International Organization for Migration estimates that the death toll at homeless housing facilities is nearly 100 per year.

There has been a number that have died from heat exhaustion, or from dehydration, or both.

A major concern with many of these construction sites is the impact that construction could have on the health and safety of the homeless population.

Some homeless people are homeless for a variety of reasons, including drug use, alcohol, and other problems.

For some of these people, the idea of using a site that has not been properly maintained and cleaned up is not a reasonable option.

A construction site can be dangerous for anyone who is homeless.

And as a matter of fact, many of the people who live at these construction site do not want the conditions to change.

Many homeless people feel that the conditions in the site will become unsafe as more homeless people come to live there.

There is a risk that people who are homeless will not be able to access services like food and shelter, which they rely on for survival.

There also is a potential for increased problems like homelessness that have already occurred.

For a person to

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