ISTANBUL, Turkey — The world is buzzing over a new Indian space mission.

It is the ISRO’s latest satellite, which will make the Indian nation a satellite exporter.

The satellite will provide the world with pictures of the earth, its satellites and even the moon.

It will also allow Indian scientists to study the moon, its moons and other celestial bodies, including Mars.

The ISRO is the world’s largest space agency.

Its mission, launched on April 21, 2018, will be the first to orbit the earth from a planet with a geosynchronous orbit.

This is known as the “earth-to-Earth” trajectory.

This will give ISRO access to the earth’s surface and will enable it to gather and analyze scientific data.

ISRO has also developed and manufactured satellites for NASA, and the company has launched satellites for a number of other nations.

Its most recent spacecraft, ISRO-12, is currently the first spacecraft to orbit earth from the outer solar system.

It was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India, in October 2018.

ISro is now in the process of building a second satellite to take advantage of the sun’s greater rotation, which is predicted to make the planet’s orbit more circular and thus enable it support more satellites.ISRO-2 is scheduled to launch in 2022.

Its satellite will be a 10 meter-wide (33 feet) tall spacecraft with a mass of 20 metric tons.

The spacecraft is expected to weigh approximately 1,300 kilograms (3,400 pounds).

The Indian Space Agency, or ISRO, is India’s space agency and the nation’s largest scientific and technical organisation.

Its missions are the backbone of India’s development of the country’s space program.

It operates six satellites, including ISRO and the Space Research Organization (SRO), which is an umbrella group of scientific institutes.

The ISROs main business is research and development.

The agency is a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The country’s first satellite, ISRAELSat, was launched in 2005.

The next satellite, the Antares, launched in 2009.

The third and fourth satellites, ISROSat and ISRPSat, launched since then.

ISRSA is India s first spacecraft that will be launched from a geostationary transfer orbit.

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