Construction zones is the first step to the building of new homes in Arizona, and in some cases, the first signs of the construction of new housing in the state.

For many, the word construction zones may conjure up images of the old-style houses that were constructed in the early 1900s in the Phoenix suburbs.

But for many people, it means different things.

In Arizona, the signs are not permanent and they often are replaced with permanent structures.

And some of the signs do not have to be signs at all, said Scott C. Haus, the Arizona Department of Construction, Engineering and Zoning (ADOT).

The state has more than 4,600 construction zones, which were established to accommodate growth in housing needs.

But in some places, like the city of Chandler, the new-build signs are temporary, or have a limited lifespan.

The Arizona Department for Planning and Building said the signs will be removed by the end of the year, and that new construction will resume with new signage.

“The only exception to the general policy is the City of Phoenix where the temporary signs are permanent,” ADOT wrote in a statement.

It also said that the department was working with the Arizona State Police to begin a project to re-enact the signs with new design.

Hines said the department has had a lot of people contact ADOT asking for help with the construction process.

“I am happy to see that they are doing their job to protect the future of the building industry,” Hines wrote in an email.

The city of Phoenix is planning to take temporary signs from its current construction zone and put them up at the corner of the intersection.

That will be a major change in the design of the new signs, which will be installed along a major street, but will also be permanent.

In other parts of the state, construction zones can also be temporary, but the state does not have any guidelines about how long they are or how they should be used.

“There are some places where you are going to have a lot more people using them for a long period of time,” said Matt B. Smith, the deputy director of ADOT.

“It’s the kind of thing that you would think is temporary.”

Some people said they were surprised to learn that ADOT does not require signs in the city where they are located.

In Chandler, for instance, there are no signs in place in the existing construction zone, said Smith.

“If you look at the signage, the sign is not in the area,” he said.

“In the city that is the city, there is a very clear signage requirement.”

But in the town of Scottsdale, where the city is located, there will be no signs.

“We do not need to put up any sign that will cause disruption or inconvenience,” Smith said.

The new signs were created by ADOT in partnership with the Chandler City Council.

The council will use the signs to remind residents that the construction zone signs have been removed.

It is unclear when ADOT plans to remove the signs, but Smith said the city does not need any special permission from ADOT to remove them.

“You would think that if you have a major construction zone you would have signage in there,” Smith told ABC News.

He added that in the event that there is any disruption or disruption to the construction or maintenance of the zone, it would be the city’s responsibility.

Smith said ADOT would like to see the city create a permanent sign that includes the new design for its new construction zone.

“At some point, we need to have some signage that people can see in the construction zones and in the new housing development,” Smith added.

“But at this time, there isn’t any signage that will allow for that.”

ABC News’ Emily Green and Danica Pascucci contributed to this report.

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