The first thing I noticed about the Lego Ninjago video game franchise was the sheer number of robots in it.

From the robot heads that have the power to turn into different shapes and then explode to the giant robots that can transform into the classic cartoon robots, Ninjax has a great sense of humor, as well as plenty of cool, detailed robots.

As for the Lego Lego City video game series, you’ll find many of its robots in the video game Lego Dimensions, which I actually actually think is one of my favorite video games of all time.

The Lego Movie series is another franchise I absolutely adore.

It’s filled with all sorts of robots and the ability to interact with them.

Lego’s robots have a great range of personalities, which makes building them even more fun and unique.

And I don’t think you’ll ever want to build your own Lego robot.

What are some of the most popular Lego building games?

Here are some popular games that are definitely worth playing, even if you’re not a fan of Lego.

Super Mario Run (Nintendo) Super Mario is one game that I don-t think you can really call a game of building robots, because the game’s very focused on gameplay.

You’re tasked with collecting items to make upgrades for your castle.

When you unlock new buildings, you can purchase upgrades, which help your castle grow.

You can also upgrade existing buildings, which gives you a chance to make even more upgrades.

You’ll need a lot of money to buy these upgrades, so make sure you keep the money for yourself!

LEGO Ninjaguar 3 (Nintendo, 2006) LEGO Ninjas and Ninjats are my all-time favorite toys, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad to know that this game is one that I have a lot to say about.

The game has three different styles of gameplay: the classic arcade style of playing, the platforming style of running, and the racing style of jumping.

Each style of gameplay involves a set of rules, which are different for each type of game.

You control a team of ninjas, which can be made up of a robot, a princess, a cat, a turtle, and more.

The characters are mostly made of clay, so they can move in any direction they want.

And you can switch between the different ninjas in each game, which is pretty neat.

You may even see some LEGO Ninjet-style characters in the game.

There are also different stages, each with a different level, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for them.

The other big selling point for LEGO Ninjadago 3 is the fact that you can customize your characters to make them even better than the ones you already have.

The customization system lets you buy outfits and accessories for your characters, which will give them more personality.

LEGO Ninjam is another game that you’ll probably love, since it has a lot more in common with Lego Ninjas than Ninjaz.

This game is really similar to Ninjat, so I won’t go into much detail about it.

LEGO City is another LEGO franchise that you probably know, since I mentioned it in my last list.

You play as a city councilman named John.

In this game, you’re tasked to build a few different cities, and you can unlock new items by completing challenges.

You also get a lot from this game’s unique setting, which allows you to explore and discover all kinds of interesting locations.

LEGO LEGO Ninju, Lego Ninjet, and LEGO Ninjin 3 are all the same, so there is a lot you can do with these games, so don’t be shy!

Which Lego game is your all-around favorite?

Do you have any other favorites?

Tell us in the comments!

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