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Read moreA lot of people have been waiting a long time for the first-ever generation of construction apprentices to get started, but that’s not quite how things work at the top of the construction industry.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAAM) says there are just 4,700 apprentices in the United States.

This year, the U.S. Labor Department said the number was up to 4,717.

In the United Kingdom, there are 1,836 apprentices, according to a 2017 report by the British government.

A separate report from the U-K.

Ministry of Defense says there were 1,632 apprentices in 2017, which puts the U,S.

and UK together.

While the number of apprenticeships has been rising since 2013, the total number of new apprentices in that time has been decreasing, according a report by U.K. education charity, the Higher Education Policy Institute.

This report comes after an uptick in construction work in recent years has led to an increase in the number and severity of injuries.

The IAM has called for more attention to the dangers of dangerous work environments, including safety training and safety equipment.

The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) defines a dangerous workplace as “one where workers experience severe risks to their physical and mental health or safety, such as working in unsafe conditions, having no adequate safety equipment or protection against the hazards that are inherent in their work.”

It adds that “unsafe conditions include working with dangerous materials, workers having inadequate or no protection against dangerous work, and unsafe conditions leading to serious risks to health or other consequences, such a exposure to toxic substances or the risk of contracting a contagious disease.”

The IAM, which represents more than 2,500 construction tradespeople, has been lobbying governments around the world to pass CEDAW-related measures.

It is also calling for more oversight of the labor market.

The construction industry is a very dangerous place, but it’s still a safe place for an apprentice to learn, says Michael O’Connor, IAM vice president of education and training.

The number of people coming through the apprenticeship program has been growing, he says.

And the apprenticeships are starting to get much better, with many of them starting out with just basic training and a few weeks of instruction.

There are some areas that have a lot of safety equipment, but they’re just getting better, he said.

And that’s going to keep increasing.

There’s an increasing number of women coming through, as well.

Women are getting into construction, and there are also a lot more women who want to get into construction.

In terms of the overall number of female apprentices, the IAM says that in 2018 there were 2,837 women in the construction workforce.

O’Donnell says that number is expected to rise to 4.5 million by 2023.IAM’s work is part of the IAmA program that supports apprentices, and they are looking for more funding for the program.

Ojman says that it’s been hard for the government to provide sufficient funding for their work.

IAM is now looking for a partner to partner with the government in this initiative, he added.

I am a bit worried, because it’s very hard for a woman to get through these apprenticeships and there’s just so much fear, he told The Huffington-YouGov in a phone interview.

He said that there are not enough people to do the apprentices training and there aren’t enough support workers.

There is a little bit of concern about that.

We’re talking about a young woman who’s going through it, he noted.

I don’t want to see that happen.

I hope the government works with us, he concluded.

What we need to do is get more funding and be able to get more apprentices in.

The more the government is able to support this, the more jobs can be created.

Ojman told HuffPost that the number that are currently training for apprenticeships is just a fraction of the number who are actually going through the program in the U: “We’re still at a high level of apprenticeship training, which is not a lot, and I don and want to make sure we can continue that.”

He also says that the apprentices program has had a positive impact on apprenticeships in general.

They have a positive effect on the apprentices and have increased the number in the labor force, Ojmans said.

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