Construction is a lucrative career for those who have mastered the art of building, but a new study suggests you need to be a better professional if you want to find work in a major U.S. city.

The research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that construction workers make up about 5 percent of all workers in the United States.

That compares to about 1.5 percent of workers in other occupations, including lawyers, teachers, and nurses.

The average pay for construction workers is $30,000 a year, while construction construction workers with higher-paying jobs make more than $60,000, according to the BLS.

The BLS also found that those who get construction jobs tend to have a higher education and have more experience in the industry.

That is the case in Atlanta, where construction workers earn an average of $45,000 and are about 40 percent more likely to have more than a high school diploma than those who do not have a college degree, according the B, but that does not mean they are more qualified for the job.

There are many factors that go into building a home, but they include a good roof and good drainage system.

The construction industry is growing, with more people working on the construction side of the business, said Brian Ritter, an assistant professor of architectural engineering at the University of Arizona.

The Atlanta job market is not as strong as the one in San Diego, but Ritter said the trend toward construction is not due to a shortage of skilled workers.

“The problem is that we’re not attracting the people who are coming from the construction industry,” he said.

Ritter said that while construction is a good career, the city’s housing market is far from healthy, and it has made it hard for some of the more talented applicants to land construction jobs.

Ritzy Soto, an associate professor of economics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the biggest obstacles to entry in the construction field are the low pay and the lack of a professional certification.

There are only about 1,000 construction tradespeople in the country, according Ritzy, and that means only about 5,000 people can get a professional building certification.

The job market has also changed, Soto said.

The labor movement and unionization movements of the 1970s have made it easier for young workers to enter the field.

However, the rise of Uber and other apps has created a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining talented young people, Sotos said.

The study also looked at the pay for workers in construction, but there was little difference between those with construction jobs and those who worked in other fields.

The BLS estimated that a construction worker makes about $50,000 per year, about the same as an average full-time worker.

But the construction trades have more employees than construction occupations, and the construction workers are paid more than the construction trade workers, the study found.

For those who work in construction jobs, salaries are generally higher than for other workers in similar positions.

The median pay for a construction technician was $61,400, compared to $51,300 for a salesperson, $44,700 for a carpenter, and $40,100 for a maintenance worker, according a BLS report.

It’s not unusual for construction trades to pay slightly more than sales or service jobs.

The same study found that a maintenance engineer earns about $47,400 per year and a mechanic about $40.

A salesperson makes about a third of that and a technician about a quarter, according BLS data.

Construction jobs are growing rapidly in Atlanta.

In the city of Atlanta, the number of construction jobs grew from 5,100 in 2014 to 14,800 in 2016, according data from the Bureau for Labor Statistics.

The construction trades also tend to earn higher salaries than other occupations.

The number of jobs in construction grew from 4,600 in 2014, to 13,600 this year, according figures from the Bureau for Labor Stats.

Construction trades also make up the majority of construction trades, accounting for more than half of all construction jobs in the city, according Census data.

Construction workers have a median salary of $55,000.

Construction jobs tend not to be plentiful in urban areas.

Construction jobs are typically in high-demand areas, like Atlanta, San Diego and Phoenix.

Construction is booming in Austin, Texas, according The Economist, with the number working in the area soaring from about 4,800 to nearly 18,000 in 2017.

The city is also seeing the construction boom in Portland, Ore., where more than 7,000 jobs were created in the last year, and more than 12,000 new jobs in Seattle and Portland.

Construction has a long history in Atlanta and the city has a history of attracting skilled workers, including from abroad.

During the construction of the BeltLine in the 1980s, more than 1,400 Chinese nationals came to Atlanta to

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