The construction of a basketball arena in Oklahoma City would have to be done by an engineering firm, not an accountant.

That is the conclusion of a new study from the Oklahoma City School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The team is working with the Oklahoma Development Authority, which oversees the city’s real estate development.

The project is expected to cost $500 million.

“We were working with some different engineering firms,” said Steve M. McElroy, the study’s lead author.

“We were able to work out some good deals.

But I’m still not sure how much of the actual construction will actually be done.

The whole process is a little bit complicated.”

The study, which is the result of a six-month collaboration between the Oklahoma Department of Education, the Oklahoma State University, the university of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Capital Research Institute, is one of the first to use an engineering-based methodology for building an arena.

It was published in the journal Engineering Design.

The Oklahoma City arena will be the first basketball arena built with the technology used to create a soccer field in the city.

“It’s kind of crazy that it is still a long way off,” said Mark E. Johnson, an Oklahoma City real estate broker who co-authored the study with his friend and former Oklahoma City Council member James R. Smith.

“It’s been over a decade since [soccer field] development started, and the technology is pretty advanced.

It’s a very different way to build the arena than we are used to.”

What’s cool about this is that we can actually build something like this with the right engineering and with the correct construction methods,” Johnson added.

The study looked at the feasibility of building an indoor arena using a combination of “harder” and “soft” materials.

The hard materials used to build soccer fields have historically been used in basketball arenas to create artificial turf.

A soft material such as sand is used to make a protective surface on a basketball court.

However, this type of construction requires a lot of energy and a lot more work.

McElroy and his team say they have found ways around these challenges, though.”

The soft materials used in the stadium will not require the same energy and effort as the harder materials used for construction. “

But that is part of the engineering process, and we were able solve those.”

The soft materials used in the stadium will not require the same energy and effort as the harder materials used for construction.

This is important because the construction of an arena requires the use of lots of labor and materials.

McEllroy said he hopes the results will be “a starting point for other cities and states.”

For instance, if Oklahoma were to follow the city of Seattle’s lead and develop a similar technology, the city would need to have its own building codes.

The report does not say how long the project would take, but McElros team hopes to begin work in 2021.

McDonald said the Oklahoma project has been a “tremendous success.”

“We’ve been very lucky,” McDonald said.

“The team has done everything right.

We have been able to get the building ready to go in a way that was very, very, quick.”

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