Construction company Baker & Taylor has made its first bricks-and-mortar construction of a US skyscraper in less than a year.

Key points:Baker & Taylor said the structure would make the firm a ‘global leader in building structures’The structure will cost about $1.3bn to build and will have a height of 2,400mThe structure is being constructed on a site in New Zealand’s central north-east, near the North Island’s major port of HamiltonThe firm said it was the first time bricks had been used in a building to date.

The building, which is part of the Baker & Son firm’s B&T building series, will have an exterior wall of a block and a roof made of a mixture of brick, concrete and concrete slabs.

It is being built at Baker & Tans construction site in the heart of the central North Island.

Baker’s main US office is in the capital Washington.

B&T’s B &T construction site is near Hamilton in the North Canterbury region.

It has a height that would be just over two metres and will be built to be two storeys tall, according to the firm.

The project has been designed to be self-sustaining, the firm said, with no external contractors or contractors’ employees needed to maintain the structure.

It’s the first major construction of this type in New York City, Baker said.’

We’ve never had anything like this before’B&S Construction said the project will be funded with a $1bn grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as private investment.

The site is at the site of a former mill where the city was established in the 18th century, Baker & Co. said.

The company said the building will be a “global leader” in building buildings.’

You can’t build this anywhere else in the world’The project is being carried out by Baker &Tans construction team, which includes senior vice president for construction and design Paul Klemens, a former principal engineer with Baker.

Mr Klemins said the company was very proud of its work and proud of the quality of the construction.

“We have been working with this site for two years, so we know how to make bricks and it is very high quality,” he said.

“And we have a lot of experience of the type of construction that you would want in a high-rise building, so that’s really a testament to our team and our team’s expertise.”

Baker said it would be able to provide more detailed information on the project later in the year, but would be open to more public input.

B Baker is the largest private construction firm in New England and the fourth-largest in the United States.

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