Construction crane is a staple in most construction sites, and the crane’s main job is to lift and drop heavy construction materials.

However, crane operators are sometimes at risk when they fall down, and if they do, it’s likely they’ll fall over.

A recent study published in the International Journal of Engineering Education found that the average crane operator falls seven times during his or her career.

To avoid these accidents, construction crane operators should use an approved construction product, such as a double-jointed, metal-alloy, or composite-reinforced-concrete (CNC) construction crane.

When you’re planning a crane construction project, it might be best to take into account the crane operator’s specific needs and training before starting work.

Learn more about how to build construction crane in this article.

Read more about construction crane here.1.

The Safety First Approach To get a better idea of what you need to consider when planning your construction project—and how to get started—we’ve put together this handy infographic, with a few helpful safety tips.

We’ve included some safety information from the American Society of Civil Engineers, as well as some key safety guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.1- The crane should not be operating without a working, operating brake.

If the crane is not equipped with a working brake, it may not work as it should.

A working brake provides the crane with stability when the operator is standing on the top deck.2.

The crane operator should be wearing a safety helmet and an appropriate protective equipment.3.

When using a crane with a non-working brake, use the crane at least two feet above the ground.4.

Be sure to secure the operator’s harness and harness extensions in the proper locations.5.

The operator must use both hands to hold onto the crane and to keep the crane balanced.6.

Never use a cranes harness for any weight or position other than what the operator requires for safety reasons.7.

If an operator fails to properly secure the crane, it can easily damage the crane.8.

Never drop or attempt to drop the crane into a water hole, or any other hazardous or unsanitary conditions.9.

Always keep the operator, or anyone around him or her, out of the water when the crane rests on the deck.10.

Never lift the crane to clear a dangerous or unsightly position.11.

When lifting heavy construction material, be aware that you may have to move the crane forward to avoid hitting the ground or other hazards.12.

When the crane starts to move, check the position of the crane in relation to the deck, and make sure that it’s stable and that the operator has a clear view of the deck in relation and height.13.

Always wear safety goggles and eye protection.14.

If you plan to use a crane to lift heavy construction equipment, be sure to wear a safety harness.15.

If there are any safety hazards or dangers associated with the use of a crane, consider the use as an extension of your safety plan and be sure that the crane will not injure anyone.16.

Never attempt to lift the cranes crane in the air.17.

Never pull the crane down onto the deck or onto any other structure.18.

Always use a hand hold for the crane or the operator if the crane must be pulled down.19.

Never place the crane on a roof, especially on a concrete deck.20.

Never operate a crane on an unstable deck or on any other surface that may be unsafe for the operator.21.

Never allow the crane the opportunity to climb into a ladder.22.

Always be on the lookout for hazardous materials, including, but not limited to, any metal, debris, or metal debris that could be a hazard to the operator or any occupants.23.

Never drive the crane by hand.24.

Never apply a pressure-sensitive load on the crane that could potentially cause damage to the crane; this could result in damage to any other equipment that might be in contact with the crane as well.25.

Never perform any other activities with a crane that might create a hazard or cause the crane operators injuries.26.

Never work with a heavy-duty crane that requires a heavy load.27.

Never do any construction work where the operator may have a direct or indirect impact on other equipment or machinery, including the crane itself.28.

Never remove any construction equipment from a crane.29.

Never leave any crane unattended while a crane is being used.30.

Never walk or climb onto the top of the ladder when the ladder is not in use.31.

Never tie the crane together to make a lift without securing the crane onto the ladder.32.

Never take off the crane while it is attached to the ladder; this can cause the ladder to break.33.

Never unclip the crane from the ladder or the top or side of the roof.

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