Construction trucks are making the short trek to a warehouse on a Florida island where a developer is building a luxury apartment complex.

The project is being built by developer Latham Partners, a New York-based real estate investment firm that specializes in luxury apartments.

But the developer, which is backed by the Carlyle Group, is in the process of selling the complex to another developer.

The trailer for the new Latham development is in a storage facility.

It will be moved to a new warehouse on Nov. 1.

The new Latha building will include about 1,500 apartments, 1,400 hotel rooms and 300 parking spaces.

The company is in negotiations with a local government in Florida to build the project.

Latham Partners has partnered with a Florida developer on the project, Carlyle Investments.

Latham’s website says the project will provide a “luxury community for the affluent.”

The company has been building luxury apartments in Miami, Orlando and Miami Beach for the last five years.

But its current Florida property portfolio is concentrated in Miami.

Latha is building on a plot of land formerly owned by a local nonprofit called the Palm Beach County Housing Authority.

It has a total of about 300 units and plans to open up a second site in South Miami.

The new Lathan facility will occupy a larger portion of the site.LATHAMAN PLACEHOUSESA warehouse with more than 3,500 units and a luxury apartments building.

The project will be built by Latham Properties.

Lathamans site on the island of Long Island has been vacant since 2010.

The property was acquired by the county in 2015.

Lathan, which has built hotels in Orlando, New Orleans and Miami, was awarded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ historic preservation designation for its use of “architectural and environmental heritage.”

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