New construction windows are a common sight in new homes across the country.

If you’ve recently started a new home, you’re likely to find some windows that look very similar to those of the old, but which are designed to allow you to see in from your living room window.

They can range from simple windows that only show the sky to complex, highly ornate window designs that can include panels of glass, intricate designs or even a glass wall.

Here are some examples of the most commonly found window designs.

The most popular of these are the ‘new construction’ windows, which are typically made of glass and have no decorative features such as panels.

The basic idea is to allow a viewer to see a large part of your home through the window, without needing to see through a pane.

These are commonly used for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and much more.

There are also windows that allow you just one view of the room, or for a single window to be used for a wider area of the house.

But there are also window designs with multiple views of the same space.

For example, if you have a single room in your house that is large enough to allow for multiple windows, then a ‘double view’ is also available.

In this case, the view of each window is different to the view from the main room, so that you can see the whole of your house from the window.

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