New York City plans to spend $500 million to restore sidewalks, bridges, streets and parks that were devastated by Superstorm Sandy, officials announced on Wednesday.

The plan includes the reconstruction of the bridges, including the New York Harbor Bridge, the Hudson River Bridge and the George Washington Bridge, which are all in the path of the storm, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio and the state Department of Transportation will also spend $1 billion to build new sidewalks, new bridges and tunnels, said spokesman Andrew Johnson.

The $1.4 billion plan will also include $250 million to build bike lanes, new bike parking and a new bus stop, according the mayor’s office.

The city also plans to invest $350 million in a new $2.5 billion public transportation project.

It will build four light rail stations and four bus stations on the Hudson and the Queens side of the river, the office said.

The projects are designed to improve public transportation access for people living in the affected areas, including in the city’s Lower East Side and the Bronx boroughs.

The mayor’s announcement comes after a year of debate and a week of protests over the flooding.

The protests drew the ire of President Donald Trump, who blasted the actions of Mayor Bill De Blasio as a failure of leadership.

The mayor said the protests were “totally unnecessary.”

The president also said the city had not done enough to address the crisis.

“The city is in total disarray,” he said in a tweet.

“Now they are taking action to make the situation better.”

The White House and the mayor have yet to publicly respond to the president’s tweets.

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